We know that all boats are not made equal, so we treat every project differently. We know how to build amazing boathouses and boat lifts!

Boats vary in size and weight, which is why we ensure that the latest innovative design and materials are used to create the perfect solution for your boat. Each piece of equipment is selected to appropriately handle the disbursement of weight.

Our boathouses and boat lifts are designed to last. Our team at Serenity Brothers can design, build, and install a boathouse or boat life, whether you are situated on a river, lake, ocean, or other waterfront area.


At Serenity Brothers, we can construct a new or repair and/or rebuild your existing boathouse. We can design your boathouse to match your home, or any other aesthetic you have in mind. We will design the boathouse to fit your specific specifications – we customize all the boathouses we create for each client.

There’s a lot of different designs and features we can put into a boathouse including rooftop decks, custom roofs and roofing angles, water lines, electrical outlets, walkways, and more! We also design the boathouses to withstand harsh weather.

A boathouse is a great addition to your property because it not only keeps your boat in better condition, it adds value to your property.

Boat Lifts

A boat lift is a great addition and asset for your property and boat as it allows your boat to be lifted so it can be safely stored. In short, a boat lift protects your boat – it can also save you money. The boat lift keeps your boat out of the water when you are not using it. When a boat sits in water for too long, corrosion can occur, as well as algae and moss build up, which can be costly as you will need a new paint job and repairs over time. With a boat lift, your boat is elevated out of the water, which means it isn’t rocking in the waves and hitting the dock or nearby boat.

We can install a boat lift to elevate your boat no matter the size!

There are different types of boat lifts we can use to elevate and protect your boat. A vertical lift is a good choice if your boat is in deeper water or if the boat is in an area where water levels change. Vertical lifts can hold 1,100 to 10,000 pounds. A hydraulic lift is convenient and remote controlled. It also can carry heavier boats up to 24,100 pounds. This type of lift is best in water up to 10’ deep. Overhead hoist lifts mount to your boathouse and come with a sling or cradle; they are the most common and cheapest option – you need a boathouse for this type of boat lift, and we can build you one! These hoist lifts can hold up to 24,000 pounds.

We can also help you maintain your boat lift by checking the bolts, motors, electrical, grease fittings, cables, and other repairs.

When creating a project plan it is important to consider all elements to make certain that your product lasts for years to come – we can do it all!

Call Serenity Brothers today to start building your dream boathouse and boat lift!