A bulkhead is a shore stabilizer that separates the marina area from slips. A bulkhead retains land on one side of the wall and has water on the other side. We can design and build a beautiful bulkhead for you.

Bulkheads work to protect your shoreline and your property from damages that are both naturally occurring and man-made in your harbor. It is extremely important to combat beach erosion and potential flooding.

Our team at Serenity Brothers analyzes the environmental conditions such as water type (fresh or salt), soil type (clay, sand), elevations, grading, and water level when selecting materials and designing your bulkhead.

A bulkhead is an improvement to your waterfront property and can help protect your property, save you from erosion, and add value to your property.

We have many years of bulkhead design and building experience. We can help you through this process from concept to completion. At Serenity Brothers, we can offer you a free on-site consultation and quote as we assess the area for the bulkhead. We will make sure a bulkhead is the right and best solution for your shoreline. Our goal is to design and build you a functional and attractive bulkhead to help keep your property intact.

We build our bulkheads to withstand harsh conditions like bad weather and corrosive saltwater. We design with a purpose so that your bulkhead will last. Our design team and engineers create a bulkhead specifically for your site as every client’s site is different depending on storm surge, soil properties, topography, grading, water table, etc. We will work with you to create an attractive, strong, and cost-effective solution. We will take your cosmetic/aesthetic preferences into consideration while designing a bulkhead that is the best and most practical for your area.

We have experience getting bulkhead permits and obtaining them fast. We submit our plans to the appropriate government agencies for permitting.

Our team at Serenity Brothers can design and install all types of bulkheads whether it’s a commercial or residential installation. A bulkhead will only improve your shoreline and property. A bulkhead doesn’t just protect your property, it helps improve access from your property through piers, docks, and boat lifts.

Bulkhead materials include vinyl (attractive, long-lasting), CCA (pressure-treated lumber), stone, concrete, metal or wood. Vinyl and CCA are the most popular, resistant, and durable options.

Our team will expertly design and create your bulkhead with innovative ideas and technology and state-of-the-art materials. We pay attention to details and will create you a beautiful, strong bulkhead.

Bulkheads protect waterfront property from flooding and the erosion of land over time. In fact, the bulkhead is the most important part of your property, since it’s protecting it! We can build any size bulkhead.

Once the bulkhead is in place, we can handle all the back fill, repairs and sod placement, and more.

Let us help protect your property and give you peace of mind.

Call Serenity Brothers today to start building your ideal bulkhead!