Our team at Serenity Brothers designs and builds custom, unique docks and decks.

With the unpredictable weather and climate that Florida provides, it is important to build docks and decks that can withstand it all.

Our team selects the most resilient materials and equipment to build these docks and decks so you can enjoy these structures worry-free. Even through the strongest of storms, our team has proven to create strong docks and decks. We specialize in residential, government and commercial construction.

 In all projects, the location, environment, and water conditions are taken into consideration when planning design to fit the individual and structural needs.

We’ve designed all different kinds of docks and desks in our time that we know how to design exactly what your looking for to fit your needs, space, and budget. Our designs are aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Every dock and deck we install is made specifically for you and the type of water and landscape the structure will reside in. We do what it takes to make your dock and or deck secure.

At Serenity Brothers, we can offer you a free on-site consultation and quote as we assess your needs and the space. Our goal is to design and build you a beautiful and useful boat dock or deck. This structure will also help add value to your property.

There are different types of boat docks we can design and install. Permanent docks are the most maintenance free and durable type of dock. This type of dock can support many decking types including wood, concrete, thru-flow, and composite. Aluminum docks are also a durable and maintenance-free type of dock – they are lightweight and attractive. This type of dock can support a wide variety of decking including wood, aluminum, thru-flow, and composite decking. Floating docks are available in aluminum or galvanized steel.

We use only the best materials – we choose quality and durable materials for each client. We can include a variety of accessories and architectural styles to your dock and deck including dock boxes and ladders to dock fenders and piling caps.

Our docks are like no other! Each dock we create is custom. If you need ideas, we have models and example to share, but we will make your dock specifically for you. Regardless of your budget, we will design you something amazing.

Why get a dock? They are a home for your boat and other water equipment. It’s convenient to have a dock, instead of traveling to one. Just walk into your back yard and hop into your boat. You will love the convenience and look of your dock!

With the Serenity Brothers team, you will get an attractive, innovative dock and deck system designed and installed for you. Whether you want a fixed dock or floating dock, a simple or more complex dock, we can build it for you!  

We are experts in dock and decks! Let your adventure begin right in your backyard with your own dock!

Call Serenity Brothers today to start building your dream dock and deck!